SG-1 Members
Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill Richard Dean Anderson
The leader of the Stargate team SG-1; O'Neill has been with the Stargate program since the first expedition to Abydos. Prior to the first Stargate mission O'Neill spent many years with the Air Force as a Black Ops operator. O'Neill promptly retired from the Air Force when his son, Charlie, accidently shot and killed himself while playing with his father's gun. During the course of his mission on Abydos, O'Neill overcame his isolationist attitude with the help of a native named Skaara who reminded him of his son. Upon return from the Abydos mission O'Neill found that his wife, Sarah, had left him. One year later O'Neill was recalled to Stargate Command to help determine the source of an alien disturbance and wound up re-joining the Air Force in order to lead a Stargate team, SG-1, and hopefully, someday, find Skaara, who had been abducted and now host to a Goa'uld parasite known as Klorel. O'Neill remains reluctant to allow people to get to know him as he remains in a constant state of unforgiveness for the death of his son.
Doctor Daniel Jackson Michael G. Shanks
As struggling Egyptologist who believed that the great Egyptian pyraminds had not been made by the Egyptians; Dr. Jackson was contacted by Catherine Langford who wanted Jackson to decipher the symbols on a gate discovered in Giza, Egypt in 1920. After sucessfully deciphering and turning the Stargate on, Jackson was added as a member of the first expedition team to Abydos. During the mission Jackson met and fell in love with a native Abydan named Sha're. Once Jackson and the Air Force team he accompianed to Abydos destroyed Ra, Jackson decided to remain on Abydos to study the Abydon culture and marry his love, Sha're. One year later Colonel Jack O'Neill returned to Abydos searching for the origin of an alien attack on Earth. During O'Neill's visit Sha're was abducted by the Serpent God Apophis. Jackson agreed to return to Earth with O'Neill and later to join SG-1 in the hope of one day finding his wife.
Captain Samantha Carter Amanda Tapping
As a theoretical astrophysicist, Captain Carter had spent many years attempting to unlock the secrets of the mysterious Stargate. Sam was once engaged to another Air Force officer, Captain Jonas Hansen, however broke the engagement off after noticing several personality conflicts she had with Hansen. Sam was denied the chance to join the first mission through the Stargate. After the return of the original team Sam studied the report throughly, fascinated by the adventures the team had on Abydos. One yearafter the original Stargate mission, when hostiles were discovered coming through the Stargate, Sam was immediately transfered from the Pentagon and put on a recovery mission to Abydos to locate the alien invaders and Dr. Daniel Jackson. Captain Carter's placement on the team was due to her extensive studies of the Stargate; she was considered Earth's foremost expert on the Stargate. When the Stargate teams were formed Sam was placed on SG-1 after she completed the Abydos mission, sucessfully returning to Earth with Dr. Jackson. Sam's love of information and science send her through the Stargate and, no matter the planet, holds on to her strong sense of morals; always doing what she feels is morally correct.
Teal'c Christopher Judge
Once the First Prime Jaffa of the Serpent Guard Apophis, Teal'c abandonded his high ranking role in Goa'uld society to join SG-1 and help free his people. The 90 year old Jaffa, trained by another famous Jaffa, Bra-tac, spent many years in the service of Apophis, forced to kill and abduct people the Goa'ulds used as hosts for their symbiots. Teal'c, like all Jaffa, carries inside himself an infant, parasitic Goa'uld. Each Jaffa carries a Goa'uld infant for five years, allowing it time to incubate before that Goa'uld is able to take a human host. Seeing the strength Colonel Jack O'Neill and his team possessed, Teal'c decided to turn on his friends and fellow Jaffa in hopes of being able to one day free his people. Jaffas can live well beyond the age of 140 but Teal'c's life could be limited, since once the Goa'uld he carries matures he will need another Goa'uld to take its place or he will die. Teal'c is one of SG-1's most valuable assets as an expert on Goa'uld worlds and society.
SGC Personal

General George Hammond Don S. Davis
A grandfather and aging General in the Air Force, Hammond decided to take a job offer and over see Stargate Command. One month away from retirement the Stargate was activated and his personell attacked. Hammond recalled Colonel Jack O'Neill to help track down the aliens who attacked his people. Once O'Neill returned with Dr. Jackson from Abydos, along with a list of coordinates to Stargates all over the universe, Hammond formed nine Stargate teams to explore the many Stargates located around the universe. Hammond's thoughts of retirement are quickly dismissed as he finds himself at the helm of humanity's greatest endeavour. As the Commanding Officer at Stargate Command, General Hammond is stern and, at times, uncomprimising who is willing to defend those under his command at great professional risk but who ultimately must answer and take orders from the United States government. General Hammond went to Stargate Command expecting a fluff job but wound up leading humanity into a new age of exploration and is intent on doing the best job he can possibly do.
Dr. Janet Fraiser Teryl Rothery
Leaving her husband to persue a medical career in the United States Air Force, Dr. Fraiser found herself assigned to the top secret Stargate Command after the head doctor at the SGC was killed while on duty. From the beginning Dr. Fraiser knew that working at Stargate Command would demand her total effort, but, after all, that's why they called her in. From finding virus cures to performing surgeory, Dr. Fraiser is challenged on a daily basis. Not only does Dr. Fraiser find herself in positions where she must save a life but she is also put in command of finding cures to plagues that could kill herself as well as Stargate Command, and possibly the human race. Her job is far from easy but that's why she loves it so much and Stargate Command could not continue on without the expertise of Dr. Fraiser.
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